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At Erwood Accelerated Purchasing, our methodology is simple: "To get you the best solution in the shortest time without compromising on quality".

This may be through designing for direct savings, cost avoidance, or adding value to the initial project by way of strategic innovation.

We offer services spanning the whole procurement process, from initial planning and needs identification, through to contracting and ongoing management and monitoring.

Our range of services can be scaled to meet your needs, in order to fit in with your existing process.

Erwood Accelerated Purchasing understands that procurement does not commence with the publishing of the "public notice", nor does it terminate when the contract is signed. We view all of the activities leading up to, and following, the core procurement as significant.

In addition we can help with any, or all, of the following:

  • Statement of requirement development;

  • Tender Evaluation Planning;

  • Request for Tender/Proposal;

  • Evaluation and Assessment of tenders;

  • Point of contact for suppliers questions during the tender open period;

  • Contract drafting & negotiation;

  • Ongoing management of contracts;

  • Performance appraisals and indicators; and

  • Probity advice and planning.

To provide consistency and quality in our work we use carefully developed templates and methodologies. While these underpin the work that we do, we are conscious of the need to sensibly adapt these to your needs, and not try to make one size fit all.

Technology is the name we have for stuff that doesn't work yet.

Daniel Hillis